gegen Schwitzen
against sweating
our skin-friendly specialists
for all parts of the body
swiss made against sweating
Saalio Iontophorese 01
Saalio® Iontophoresis
modern design, convenient application
made in Germany Saalio® Iontophoresis
gegen Körpergeruch
Excessive body odor?
skin-friendly solutions
   against unpleasant odors
swiss made against body odor
gegen Schwitzen im Gesicht
Solutions against
   facial sweating
gegen Schwitzen im Gesicht against sweating
gegen nasse Hände & Füße
Solutions against
   sweaty hands and feet
swiss made swiss made against sweating

Products against excessive sweating & body odour

Imagine, you can eliminate even excessive sweating and unpleasant body odour in just a few days. Discover our excellent antiperspirants, our new Saalio® Iontophoresis therapy machine against sweating and breakthrough solutions against body odour.

The result: Your success result in our top ratings 1
The skin tolerance of our antiperspirants was also "very good" in the form of patch testing 2 by the Institute DermaTest. AHC antiperspirants can therefore be declared as "dermatologically and allergy tested".

Sascha Ballweg

We are a specialist merchant for antiperspirants and products against body odour. We offer neutral shipping, without regard to the content as well as free consultation service - if you want, anonymous!

Sascha Ballweg
Owner and hyperhidrosis affected

1 see eKomi certificate (right)
2 tested in 2006 on behalf of JV Cosmetics