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schwitzen.com (including sweatrelief.info and tegen-zweten.nl) was founded in 2005 by Sascha Ballweg.
'Schwitzen' is the German term for 'Sweating'.

Known today as an innovator in providing modern and sensitive antiperspirants, sweatrelief.info has become an european leader in the product range of cosmetical reliefs for excessive sweating and body odour, with over 15.000 customers in more than 50 countries and territories. From the roots of our antiperspirant shop, we expanded and evolved our services in 2007 to offer high-quality products made in Switzerland by JV cosmetics, Reussbuehl. Today, we offer AHC classic (the renowned benificial antiperspirant), AHC sensitive (preventing dermal irritations) and AHC forte for sweaty hands, palms and feet (hyperhidrosis palmaris/plantaris).

A special remedy for permanent and excessive body odour – known as bromhidrosis – is BromEX foamer. This washing foam reduces dermal bacteria which are mainly associated with body odour, often known and feared as "the smell of sweat".

Dermal irritations like reddened, itching or burning skin after the use of antiperspirant can be treated with our Nutric re-active lotion.

Specially for customers with a very sensitive skin we offer the natural deodorant Dry balance. Enriched with essential tea-tree oil and plant extracts it will help to "feel safe" all day long.

Our claim

Our aim is to provide the best products against heavy sweating, perspiration and body odour. In addition we try to give our customers the best and most individual advisory possible. People who are suffering from those problems or illness (hyperhidrosis) can contact us by phone, ticket or mail. Let‘s find a solution together!

About the founder

Pictures: Sascha Ballweg featured on TV. Right: his sweaty hand at wikipedia.org (Germany)

Sascha Ballweg

  • born in 1971, Schluechtern, Western Germany
  • works as a free graphic designer
  • founder of online shop www.schwitzen.com
  • founder of the German hyperhidrosis community www.hyperhidrosehilfe.de
  • co-founder of scape | media
  • Sascha Ballweg was born with "hyperhidrosis palmaris" (extremely sweaty palms). Presumably it was passed on to him by his mother who is suffering from sweaty hands as well.
  • author: Sascha Ballweg at Google+

Media and Press Review (German)

More reports have been shown on the german TV programs of WDR, MDR, NDR.

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