How to place an order

In the following, you can learn more about the ordering process.

General informations on our webshop

Find a product: browse our webshop for your individual product(s) of choice. You can also use our interactive Product Advisory or you may ask our virtual chat consultant Lollo. However, you can also contact us personally via phone, via email or you can use our contact template (works with a 24-hour ticket system). We are looking forward to answer your questions individually.

Add an item to the shopping cart: in order to place the item(s) of choice into your shopping cart (or shopping bag) please choose the correct Quantity by using the [+] or [-] symbols, then click [in your cart].

Shopping cart

When you are finished with shopping please click on [Shopping cart] (upper right corner on your screen). You now can check the content of your shopping cart as well as the following informations and options:

  • Item: find here all informations regarding your items, such as quantities, prices, millilitres etc.
  • Country of Delivery: ➜ please choose the country of your shipping address
  • Payment method: advanced payment (SEPA bank transfer, PayPal or SOFORT Payment – invoicing is available in Germany only
  • Shipping method: the method of shipping will be automatically selected for you based on your Country of delivery
  • Totals: the total amount of your order incl. shipping costs and VAT
  • Coupon: ➜ if you have a voucher or coupon code, please enter the code into the field below

You can also change the content of your shopping bag:
  • delete items by clicking the [x] symbol. The items will be removed from your shopping cart.
  • change the amount of an item by entering a different number into the field.

Is everything correct now? Then click [Go to checkout].

➜ Go to checkout

Step 1: How would you like to proceed to the checkout?

If you are a returning customer please log-in by entering your E-mail and password.
If you do not have a customer account you can register quickly. Please chose ❍ Register.
You can also place a guest order, please choose ❍ Go to checkout as a guest.

➜ Forward

Step 2: Invoice information

Guest order: please provide all required data. Please note: your data will not be safed for later orders.
Customer account order: your standard Billing address will be selected automatically

Please note: if your Shipping address is in any way different from your Billing address please choose ❍ Send to a different address!

➜ Forward

Step 3: Shipping information

Guest order: your Billing address will be selected automatically. You can add one (or several more) different Shipping addresses.
Customer account order: your Billing address will be selected automatically. You can add one (or several more) different Shipping addresses.

➜ Forward

Step 4: Payment information

Advanced Payment: can pay your online purchase easily and within a safe and sound payment environment by using ...

  • SEPA bank transfer (free transfer within the European Union)
  • PayPal
  • SOFORT Payment

➜ Forward

Step 5: Shipping method

Shipping method and costs will be automatically calculated based on your Shipping address:

  • within Germany = 3.00 Euro
  • within European Union (EU) = 5.00 Euro
  • outside European Union (EU) = 10.00 Euro

➜ Forward

Step 6: Order overview

Before continuing, please make sure that everything is correct:

  • check your items
  • check your billing address
  • double check your shipping address

Please confirm that you
❍ have read and accept the terms and conditions.
❍ have read the information pertaining to cancellation rights.

You can also subscripe to our Newsletter by chosing ❍ I would like to subscribe to the newsletter.

Finally – click on [Place order] to place your legally binding order.

➜ Place order

Thank you very much! :)