3x BromEX refill (150ml each)

What exactly is BromEX foamer?

BromEX foamer was especially developed to fight excessive and permanent body odour (b.o.). It restricts the growth of bacteria that cause odour and thus ensures that no unpleasant odour is generated. The effect becomes noticeable with the first application and reduces odour immediately. BromEX foamer is highly recommended for a simultaneous therapy in combination with AHC antiperspirants.

Attention: These are replenish packs only! In order to produce the foam you always need the original  BromEX foamer bottle.

Usually B.O. can be discribed by the following attributes or smells

  • unusual Body Odour
  • embarrassing
  • stinky body odour
  • musty body odour
  • pungent body odour
  • rancid body odour
  • vinegar body odour
  • sour body odour
  • garlic body odour
  • ammonia body odour
  • urine body odour
  • fecal body odour
  • fish body odour
  • fishy smell (TMAU)
  • cheesy feet

What makes BromEX foamer so great?

  • particularly effective against body odour (b.o.) and bromhidrosis
  • without any colourant, alcohol, triclosan or perfume
  • enriched with sage oil
  • easy-to-use


All ingredients are listed here…

Area of application:

All parts of your body.

Prosthesis (artificial limb): BromEX is able to reduce typical, 'cheesy' odours emenating from the joint of stump and prosthesis.

Experts' advice: Permanent body odour (bromhidrosis) is often associated with abnormal sweating. A combinated treatment by using BromEx foamer with anti-perspirants is highly recommended. Our special remedies AHC sensitive and AHC forte will reduce excessive transpirantion to a minimum.

Attention: Do not use on irritated, bruised or cutted skin. Not suitable for children. Avoid contact with eyes, mucosa, tongue or tissue. Read the instructions on the leaflet carefully.

Instructions for use and safety precautions

Apply a handful of BromEX foam to the area of skin that you want to treat or use your palm for application. Emulsify, rub in gently and rinse with clear water after 30 seconds. The foam will mostly disintigrate within this time span. Only pat yourself dry with a towel. Do not rub your skin heavily.

For maximum effect, use BromEX foamer up to 3 times per day. If you wish to use the foam at work or school etc., for example during a short break, you can also use wet paper towels to wipe off the used foam after 30 seconds.

Attention: Do not use on irritated, bruised or cutted skin. Not suitable for children. Avoid contact with eyes, mucosa, tongue or tissue.

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