What makes us special?

● Neutral Shipping

We ship under our registered company name DIE FORMEL e.K. and you receive your goods in a neutral outer packaging, which does not allow conclusions about the content of your order. So nobody (without more intensive research) can see that you have ordered a product against sweating or body odour.

● Products against sweating and body odour

In our webshop schwitzen.com you will receive the high-quality, especially strong AHC antiperspirants as well as BromEX foamer against unpleasant body odour (Bromhidrosis).

Thanks to the skin-soothing plant extracts, our antiperspirant AHC sensitive can also be applied to sensitive areas of your body. Sensitive areas such as forehead, face, cheeks, chest or buttocks can be treated as well. AHC forte is one of the world's most strongest antiperspirants with approximately 30 % active ingredient. It was specially developed for use against sweaty hands and feet. AHC classic is our reasonably priced basic antiperspirant - it has already been used thousands of times by people with normal sensitive skin against underarm sweating.

Our assortment is supplemented by the Nutric re-active Lotion against skin irritation, which can occur after the application of deodorants or antiperspirants. A special alternative to deodorants from the supermarket is our Dry balance Deodorant. This deodorant without aluminum contains pure Australian Tea Tree Oil. The essential oils of lime, lily, chamomile and lemon grass provide a long-lasting fresh feeling. Usnea Barbata and Clove Blossoms have a naturally antibacterial effect. The skin flora with its "odor bacteria" is thereby positively balanced - hence the name of the product.

● 3rd Generation Antiperspirants

In heavy sweating as well as pathological transpiration (med. Hyperhidrosis), high-dose AlCl-based antiperspirants (aluminum salts) have been proven for decades. Dermatologists around the world recommend or prescribe antiperspirants to prevent sweating. In many cases, sweating can be reduced to a comfortable level with these over-the-counter remedies, as well as the symptoms of hyperhidrosis.

Because the skin at the affected areas is often softened and sensitive due to the permanent sweatiness, unfortunately many antiperspirants cause unpleasant skin irritations, which are manifested by burning, itching and sometimes also by stinging pain. 3rd generation antiperspirants, such aus, AHC sensitive and AHC forte, are designed to effectively stop sweating, while minimizing irritation to the skin. This is possible through the addition of skin-soothing plant extracts such as sage, clove blossom and Usnea Barbata (beard lichen). These plants have antibacterial (e.g., Usnea barbata), disinfectant, pain-relieving (e.g., carnation bloom), anti-inflammatory, and perspiration-reducing (e.g., sage) properties. 3rd generation antiperspirants also eliminate unnecessary colorings and preservatives, parabens, triclosan, dioxins, perfumes and nanoparticles. This generally makes the products well tolerated and low allergen (see DermaTest epicutaneous test (german)). This ensures a gentle, yet effective application, even with heavy sweating. Also important: all products offered at schwitzen.com are developed and approved without animal experiments.

● Specific products for different body regions

Everybody sweats differently. The most diverse body regions can be affected. One sweats under his armpits, the other sweats on his feet, one sweat on the forehead, the other on the hands.
Since the skin is structured differently of different parts of the body - both in the distribution of eccrine and apocrine sweat glands and in the sensitivity or robustness of the skin layers - specially adapted antiperspirants are needed to effectively combat sweating at the respective site. schwitzen.com offers the right antiperspirant for every part of the body. Thanks to the addition of skin-soothing plant extracts, it is also possible to treat sensitive areas of the skin - for example on the face or in the groin area. The high dosage of the active ingredient in AHC forte also allows the gentle, cosmetic treatment of sweaty hands and feet. There, a prolonged drought with normal, weaker dosed antiperspirants is usually impossible to achieve.

● Multi-Section Support-System

Hardly anything is as individual as the sweating of our customers and their skin. The questions about the individual welding problem and the products we offer are often just as complex. That's why we provide our customers with very comprehensive and personalized support.

Telephone Hotline (mostly German): +49 2841 999 38 01
(Accessibility: Monday to Friday, 9.00 - 17.00)

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Anonymous Support:

  • Live Chat-Consultation – Our friendly staff will gladly and competently advise you - also anonymously!

● Verified Reviews (eKomi)

Customer opinions on cosmetic products are a highly sensitive topic. According to opinion polls, more than 70 % of interested parties want to know more about this product before buying a product. Likewise, consumers are interested in the reputation of the online retailer in terms of service and performance. The Internet offers a variety of possibilities for the opinion of the consumer, ranging from a customer rating in the online shop to the detailed report in a consumer portal. However, whatever the customer's opinion may be, whether as words of praise, stars, suns or points - unfortunately there is a hook: the lack of verifiability of authenticity. So it is not surprising that around 45 % of internet users believe that the opinions expressed by customers are not one hundred percent genuine or that they can be manipulated.
We openly deal with these concerns of consumers and try to understand the true characteristics of ours to present products as transparently as possible. In cooperation with eKomi.de, schwitzen.com offers "guaranteed genuine customer reviews". eKomi provides an independent and certified assessment tool for each merchant. The customer opinions thus acquired will only be displayed on the schwitzen.com website by eKomi.de after an authenticity check. We have been relying on ekomi.de since 2008, making us one of the first German webshops to use this fiduciary management of customer reviews by an external company.

The use of certified neutral customer feedback creates both short and long term trust in internet commerce and the products that can be purchased.

● Certificates and Awards

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